Industries Served

010JM Industries is the ultimate choice for companies that need machining services. JMI provides a variety of services for businesses that require large capacity orders to small part machine fixes. If you have a machining issue, JM Industries can fix it.

The goal of JM Industries is to provide companies with a competitive edge. Because of our innovative ability to combine expert industry knowledge, dedication to the field, and incredible customer service, we deliver on this expectation, every time. You simply wont find a better machining company or facility anywhere. Thanks to JMI’s dedication to quality machining, our company has developed a way to offer our services at a low cost.

The decision to outsource projects can be a difficult one to make. However, JMI will make that choice easier thanks to our ability to save our customers money and by supplying a quality service. We help companies cut internal costs, and allow them to expand their workload.

You will learn to expect only the best when working with JMI. The company prides itself on its flawless organization and leadership. These qualities allow its employees and equipment to work efficiently and expertly. Any work orders that come to JMI are not finished until they are at perfection.