Why Us?


Quality, efficiency, and value are more important for companies to consider in today’s global, fast-moving market than ever before.

Companies in the Midwestern United States seeking to outsource machining services – whether you are in the construction, rail, mining or energy industry, need a partner they can trust.

That’s where JM Industries comes in. Machining is a precise process as delicate as a complicated surgery that requires tight deadlines and consistent, reliable results.

JMI: “Leadership Through Quality”

That’s a big promise. But JMI delivers every customer’s desired results, every time. How?

  • Innovative management concepts
  • State-of-the-art processing facilities that will always be updated as new techniques are developed
  • Top customer service provided by experts who truly listen to each customer’s individual needs
  • Integrated services that provide customers top-quality results at a fraction of our competitors’ costs

Because we are ISO 9001:2015 certified, every project JMI takes on is the most important event to us at that moment, and throughout the duration of the project, until the finished product is delivered.

Our industry experts follow our superior standards to determine each client’s exact needs and then deliver the best-quality product on time, no matter how complex the circumstances or parameters.

With our advanced outlook on outsourcing machining jobs, JMI takes on the responsibility for getting every job done, freeing our customers to focus on growing their businesses without worrying about whether or not their outsourced machining job will be done right.

By partnering with us, companies are not only getting the best machining outsourcing services available but they also are building strong relationships with their customers, thus creating a network of excellence in machining services that cannot be matched.

Contact JMI today and experience just how professional, efficient, and rewarding a machining outsourcing relationship can be.

Leadership through Quality. JM Industries stands behind its promise to every client, every day, with every job.